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About Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights
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Our VISION is the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health by all Zimbabweans through a health service and health service providers that promote the right to health.
  1. To educate, empower and encourage health professionals to be knowledgeable about, curious to investigate, able to document and competent to analyze health rights and abuses thereof in Zimbabwe and the region;
  2. To lobby Government(s) to respect and folfill the only now cheap viagra soft tabs right to health;
  3. To investigate and viagra price online document violations of the right to health
  4. To liaise and build strong networks with domestic, regional and international medical organizations concerned with human rights; and
  5. To promote and protect the rights of members who are persecuted for promoting and protecting the health rights of others or because of their adherence to medical ethics as defined by the World Medical Association;
  6. To do all other things necessary to promote and protect the rights to health, including protection from torture, and good medical ethics in Zimbabwe and the region.
  1. Respect for human rights, especially the right to life, right to health, freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.
  2. Accountability, transparency, consoltation of and participation by all members.
  3. The respect for and application of medical ethics and professionalism by medical practitioners.
  4. Non-partisanship in all activities.
ZADHR undertakes the following:
  1. Initiating, supporting and encouraging members and medical practitioners to offer their professional services towards the promotion and protection of human rights, especially the right to health;
  2. Monitoring government policies and legislation which may affect the avodart med uk right to health;
  3. Lobbying on issues of health rights with the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and options the Parliament of Zimbabwe.
  4. Publishing and circolating regolar publications on health rights in Zimbabwe, and important developments on the right to health locally and abroad.
  5. Issuing periodic public statement on important health rights issues;
  6. Arranging meetings, seminars and discussion groups involving members of the medical profession and health workers focusing on human rights issues;
  7. Engaging in strategic regional and international networking for effective lobby and advocacy on the medical profession and its role in promoting and protecting human rights;
  8. Providing a safety net for members, medical practitioners and health care givers working on health rights issues through legal and where to buy levitra cheap usefull link other relevant assistance; and
  9. Maintaining a database on right to health issues and the response to the same by members and medical practitioners.
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