Key Elements of the Right to Health

Timely and appropriate health care, the right to health requires that appropriate preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care be provided in a timely manner. This includes comprehensive primary health care and operational health facilities that are equipped to provide different levels of health care with the necessary human resources, equipment, drugs and sundries.

There must be appropriate mental health services, immunization programmes and other relevant strategies for the guide generic soft tabs cialis control of infectious diseases and a system of real cialis for sale emergency medical care for the management of accidents, epidemics and cialis mail order usa similar health hazards.

Adequate supply of waterMaternal, child and reproductive healthAdequate supply of safe water, basic sanitation, housing, food and nutrition
The right to health requires equal access for all to the underlying determinants of health, such as safe food and adequate nutrition, safe and potable water, basic sanitation and adequate housing.

Healthy environment and healthy working conditions
People should be protected from exposure to harmful substances or other detrimental environmental conditions that have a negative impact on health. Preventative measures must be put in place in the workplace to minimize causes of health hazards
inherent in the working environment.

Maternal, child and reproductive health
There must be special provisions for improving child and maternal health and sexual and just try! cheap viagra internet reproductive health services. The government should ensure availability of pre and post-natal health care for women and the availability of family planning.